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5 of the Tastiest Fish in the Texas Gulf Coast

The Texas Gulf Coast is home to all kinds of tasty fish. That’s why it has piqued the interest of many fishermen — both for sport and on a commercial level. The climate is almost perfect for sport fishing, as well as for many types of recreational and commercial fishing. Many people see the Texas Gulf Coast as the proverbial Mecca of fishing because of its many marshes, inlets, and “secret spots” located offshore. There is also a variety of reefs, wrecks, and oil rigs that can attract some of the most famous and tastiest fish species in the waters of the Gulf.

Here are some of the tastiest fish that are home to the Texas Gulf Coast.

grilled snapper

#1: Cobia

Cobia is known to some people as “black salmon” and is a very delicious fish. The meat is white with large flakes and has a solid texture. People often say it has mild taste with some sweet undertones, which makes it a versatile fish with which to cook. It can be sauteed, pan-seared, smoked, braised, grilled, or even poached. They tend to migrate seasonally across the Gulf — with preference for the southern waters in the summer and the northern waters in the winter.

#2: Snook

Because of its culinary value, Snook is another popular Gulf Coast fish. Because this fish has been commercially caught and harvested so much, the states of Texas and Florida have banned it for commercial fishing. But, there is a “slot limit” for recreational fishing, which has been put in place to protect the species. The meat has a golden color with a distinctive black lateral line. They prefer near-shore vegetation (such as the ones found in river mouths), sea grass meadows, and salt marshes. They also have a very delicate texture and a subtle flavor. That’s why you need to use a gentle hand and be light on the seasoning while yo,u’re cooking this fish.

#3: Scamp Grouper

While they tend to stick around all year, recreational fishermen aren’t always allowed to catch it. So, if you want to catch some for yourself, make sure you check local and federal regulations. The season for Scamp Grouper is closed in the Gulf from February through March, but the open season for this type of Gulf Coast fish will depend on the state. Scamp Grouper has a mild flavor that’s also slightly sweet. The meat is large with chunky flakes, which makes it one of the best fish meats in terms of food value. Its taste is similar to halibut and sea bass, but it’s also known for having a great deal of nutritional value. A single serving will have lots of protein, Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals.

#4: Lane Snapper

Also called “Candy Snapper,” Lane Snapper can be found in many different places (including the Gulf of Mexico). You can recognize this Gulf Coast fish by its silvery pink to reddish color and its series of horizontal yellow lines that run from its face to the base of its tail fin. The most common habitats for this kind of snapper are coral reefs and vegetative sandy areas of shallow waters running along shorelines. You can find them in deeper waters, but they’re not as common.

Like many other snapper species, Lane Snapper is a great-tasting fish. Because of its varied diet, it has a sweet flavor and a firm texture. Some of the best cooking methods for this type of Gulf Coast fish include:

  • Pan-searing.
  • Baking.
  • Roasting.
  • Deep-frying.

It’s a common ingredient for fish tacos and has a great deal of health benefits. It’s also rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, which can help to reduce the risk of heart disease.

#5: Yellowedge Grouper

This kind of Gulf Coast fish got its name because of the yellow lines that run along the edge of its fin. It’s a large type of grouper that is among the most popular in the group. It’s known for being solitary and for a maturation cycle that’s longer than most species of fish. It’s carnivorous, but it prefers to feed on invertebrates and smaller fish that are within reach. You can find this Gulf Coast fish species in deeper waters and can typically be found in rocky, muddy, sandy areas, or reefs. According to chefs, the meat is better at holding in moisture than most types of fish. This makes it easier to prepare, which can be done in a variety of ways.

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