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7 Options for Guided Tours in Rockport, TX

Located in Aransas County and adjacent to the town of Fulton, Rockport is a place with a variety of attractions related to art, culture, and marine recreation. It also hosts a number of fairs and festivals that have attracted people to this area for several decades. All these features make Rockport, TX a popular tourist destination. It’s also a great spot for birding and observing wildlife, especially whooping cranes, and other species of shorebirds.

If you’re interested in going on some guided tours during your stay in the Rockport area, here are some great options.

#1: Whooping Crane and Coastal Birding Tour

This Texas Boat Safari will give you the chance to see the whooping cranes. You will also have an opportunity to see 30-60 different bird species during this three-hour trip. The area you’ll be touring is on one of the best birding areas in the United States, so you can be sure to get the best possible birding experience. The captain and his experienced guides will teach you as much as you want to know about identifying some of the 400+ bird species that have been documented in the Coastal Bend.

#2: Sunset Cruise

The Sunset Cruise in Rockport, TX runs from May to September. It leaves the Fulton Harbor and heads over the protected waters along San Jose Island, where you can see nesting birds and other types of wildlife. You can then watch the sun set over the bay on this 1.5-hour cruise.

#3: Spring Rookery Tour

On this four-hour trip, you can visit three or four different rookeries. You can also travel through six different bays, so you can see some truly wondrous spectacles of nature. It’s a great opportunity to see many types of colonial waterbirds as they’re courting, sparring, building nests, or feeding their chicks. All of these birds are in their breeding plumages during this time of year, which can give you an opportunity to take some amazing photos. It’s a great trip for new birders who want to get in on the action, so be sure to book this trip and enjoy the show.

#4: History Tour by Golf Cart

When you go on this tour, you’ll be able to see architecture from the 1800’s up to the present day. You will also hear stories about the people who settled and developed the area and how it got to where it is today. You will even have an opportunity to learn about the history of Rockport — from pirates and cattle to seafood and shipbuilding.

#5: Aransas Bay Dolphin Watching Cruise

When you go on this cruise, you can leave the Fulton Harbor and look for any Atlantic Bottle-nosed Dolphins on this 1.5-hour cruise. You can take the time to watch these incredible animals up close, as they feed behind the local shrimp fleet. You will also have the opportunity to learn how local shrimp are actually caught.

#6: Rockport Glow Tour

This route has become a highlight for people who want to enjoy Rockport’s nightlife. It will take you along a lighted patch through the southwestern part of Little Bay, which is an important body of water that’s known as the “ski basin” by most locals. The tour starts in the shallows and goes north along HWY 35 toward the bay’s man-made oyster reefs.

As you move along this route, you’ll be able to see a number of small fish. Watch out for any stray shrimp that may jump on board with you because of the lights. On your way back, you might be able to move across some of the reefs. Just keep an eye out for any stone crabs that like to hang around this area.

#7: Rockport Fishing Charters

Fishing the Texas flatlands is an experience that will satisfy any angler. You can find fish feeding in the flawless waters of the coastal shallows, but stealth is essential if you want to catch them. A lot of people compare it to hunting for this reason. Stalking a redfish can be an exciting, engaging, and heart-pounding experience.

If you’re able to cast 30-40 feet both accurately and reliably even in variable winds and lengthy leaders, you have a chance of catching some quality fish. But both beginners and experts can have a great time testing their fishing skills and even learning something new.

If you’re looking for some of the best condos in Rockport for your next vacation in the area, be sure to get in touch with Bayfront Kontiki.

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